Huni Kuin Medicine Immersion - Aldeia Pinuya, Brazil

9 - 20 th November 2023

Unlock your inner wisdom in an 10-day all-inclusive journey in Brazil, where you'll experience the tradition and medicine of the Huni Kuin people of Aldeia Pinuya

This is a unique opportunity to discover the Huni Kuin's ancient way of living, their spiritual practices, and their relationship with the natural world. You will be exposed to their beautiful chants and the way knowledge is shared through stories. You will also have the chance to experience the healing powers of different plant medicines used by the Huni Kuin in traditional ceremonies, including ayahuasca.

So what to look for when embarking on this journey?

You want it to be safe, facilitated by experienced practitioners and guided in a healing way.

You'll want to have time to integrate your experience, so it actually becomes something healing and life changing, not just a 'trip'.

Our retreat is designed to help you connect deeply with your inner self and heal through the power of nature. Here you will find spiritual guidance, increased mental clarity and emotional healing.

During your stay in Aldeia Pinuya, you'll experience:

  • 3 Nixi Pae journeys (Ayahuasca)
  • Kambo ceremony
  • Traditional Body Painting rituals
  • All inclusive immersion into a Huni Kuin village and their way of living
  • Psychedelic Preparation and Integration sessions
  • Deep Subconscious Repatterning,
  • Energy Activations,
  • Movement,
  • Breathwork (shamanic and functional)
  • Sound Alchemy
  • TRE (trauma release exercises), EFT (emotional freedom technique),
  • And more!

Learning and encorporating these into your reality during the retreat, you will be able to completely get out of your own way and come back to joy and power that is inherently yours. During our retreats we see all our participants noticably starting to radiate that change, and when you go home you will notice that the deep cellular transformation you have experienced is making your life flow more effortlessly, making your relationships lighter and your manifestations faster.

During your stay, you will be welcomed into the Huni Kuin community and will have the privilege of living with families in their homes. This is a truly authentic experience that allows you to immerse yourself in the Huni Kuin way of life firsthand. Please note that the toilets are simple, and the food will be cooked by the Huni Kuin. This is part of the authentic experience that will help you understand the simplicity and purity of the Huni Kuin way of life.

Breathwork, Sound

Journeys & Yoga

Breath is one of the tools always available to us; when used properly, we can enter profound altered states and heal deep rooted trauma. In the retreat we combine it with sound therapy which moves you at the vibrational level. Daily yoga classes will help move the energy and keep us embodied on this deep journey into self.

Plant Medicine Ceremonies

You will participate in three Nixi Pae (ayahuasca) journeys guided by the Huni Kuin people, as well as one kambo ceremony through which you will be supported in cleansing anything that is holding you from feeling the subtle energy of Nixi Pae.

Guided Intention Setting

& Integration

We believe in complete immersion, along with guided integration of the deep medicine work that is held by professional therapists and extends beyond the days of the retreat.

We are excited to offer you the opportunity to explore the unique culture and spirituality of the Huni Kuin indigenous tribe, a community that has been living in harmony with the rainforest for thousands of years.

It's important to note that the jungle way of living can be unpredictable, and time in the Amazon forest and indigenous cultures may work differently. However, we believe that this is what makes this experience unique and rewarding, allowing you to connect with the natural rhythms of life.

About Aldeia Pinuya

The Huni Kuin, or “the Real People”, have an innate connection to the rainforest. With an ancient understanding of the healing power of plants and a strong sense of social cohesion, they live in harmony with nature and act as stewards of the forest, ensuring its sustainability for future generations. In the northern region of Acre, Brazil, lies the small Huni Kuin indigenous land of Aldeia Pinuya, meaning 'Hummingbird' in the native language. Over 70 families currently reside in Pinuya, and have made great strides in reforesting their land, planting crops and trees to provide food for over 200 people living there. To date, the efforts of the Pinuya community have been a success, providing a sustainable and prosperous home for many generations to come.

Meet Your Guides

Our team is bringing you more than just psychedelic journeys. We teach what we live, meaning that all the tools, practices and wisdom are a part of our everyday lives. Throughout our years of experience in plant medicine, sound and psychology, have brought us together to co-create experiences to help others realize their true potential.

Jakob Gricar

After a decade in competitive martial arts, Jakob left his home country and started travelling around the world, learning different spiritual practices and conscious ways of living with nature. His curiosity towards all things nutrition and mindfulness related fueled the desire to experience different schools of knowledge and look at health and happiness from a more holistic perspective. That manifested through his travels through Asia and eventually managing a health-oriented restaurant and café in Melbourne, Australia. After finishing a yoga teacher training in India, he journeyed all over South America, learning about plant medicine healing and permaculture designs between some well known retreat centres and completely secluded tribal communities, sharing his knowledge of meditation through workshops and supporting conscious transformation with creative yoga classes.

Jakob is a trained chef with passion and understanding of optimal nutrition, a certified multi-style yoga teacher with years of teaching experience, a meditation coach with his practice rooted in yogic and buddhist traditions and certified in permaculture design. His vision is to assist personal transformation journeys through movement, healing foods, plant medicine, meditation and archetypal exploration, to teach and inspire through his writing and to co-create conscious eco-communities where strong like minded individuals work together with nature and each other. For the past year and a half he lived in, and helped the development of an intentional community in Tulum, organizing different workshops, aerial yoga teacher training and assisting in conscious events, while getting certified as a level 1 pranic healer and advanced Theta Healer.

Ashley Barba

During plant ceremonies, the layers that we shed, the profound healing and epiphanies we experience can be beautiful but can also crack the foundation that we’ve been living our life from making us question who we are, what we’ve been doing and where to go from here.

Ashley is a psychotherapist, certified yoga therapist, and reiki master, who serves as mentor and integration therapist for sacred plant medicine ceremonies. Experiencing a spontaneous spiritual awakening at 20 years old, Ashley’s life trajectory took a 180- transitioning from studying business management to all things related to psychology and holistic medicine. Creating her career based on the guidance she was given, Ashley has spent the last 15 years immersed in psychology, culture, feminism, nutrition, yoga therapy, somatics, Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, quantum physics and numerous energy and spiritual healing modalities. Ashley received her 200-hour yoga training through Sivananda and later received her yoga therapist certification from Kripalu. Over the years Ashley has continued her yoga education studying with Gary Kraftsow, Ana Forrest, Gabriel Cousens, and Judith Lasater.

Using her knowledge of Jungian psychology, advanced trainings in the energy of the body and intuitive wisdom, Ashley serves as a guide to understanding the programing that is stirred up during ceremony and assists its actualization in the physical world through use of somatics, breathwork, guided meditations and talk therapy.

Patrick Belem

Brazilian journalist, filmmaker, and musician, Patrick is descending from a family of musicians and mediums related to the African Brazilian traditions.

At the age of 17, ayahuasca appeared in his life as a blessing and a revolution.

For the last 6 years Patrick has been working on Eskawatã Kayawai, a documentary that tells the story of the Huni Kuin people from the Humaitá river and traveling supporting ceremonies with his music, organizing tours, holding space and learning from these sacred traditions.

The film Eskawata Kayaway was made by Patrick (and Lara Jacoski - Bem Te Vi Productions) addressing the sacred forest ancestral medicine ayahuasca, which helped and allowed Huni Kuin people to rescue their identity, their culture, respect, and dreams, now living a cultural apex, traveling the world and sharing their culture and knowledge. Introducing the cosmology of the Huni Kuin people (western amazon forest in Brazil) and their cultural and ancestral practices.

Guided preparation and integration online

We are here to support you every step of the way. Starting before the retreats begin, we offer full preparation both through private calls as well as group sessions. Our experts will guide you through the process, helping you make the most out of your retreat experience and stay connected after it ends.

Still not sure if this is for you?

If you are in doubt if this is the right step in your evolution, you can book a call directly with Vortex Retreats CEO or one of the available facilitators. We work with small groups and want to make your experince highly personalized, so don't hesitate to reach out with any questions you still want answered!


Desirae Monique, USA

This retreat literally changed my life, helping me transmute a lot of darkness that I carried in my subconscious. The facilitators are some of the most incredible humans I know, how in integrity they are of the space they hold and how they facilitate. Can't recommend it enough.

Rodrigo Meono, Guatemala

The first time I participated in the retreat, I felt like my mind opened to a whole new reality. If you're looking to transform your life and align your dreams with your reality, this is the retreat that will help you take the leap!

Kelly Turgeon, USA

A beautiful experience, they hold such loving and safe space. The sound healings were incredible, like nothing I've ever experienced before. It was so expansive and took me deep into meeting myself on a new level.

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